According to the condition statement, more and more Chinese people become to dine alone

in today's society. Therefore, during research, I mainly focused on CHINESE DINING CULTURE BACKGROUND CHANGING.



In China, eating alone used to be a relatively taboo activity. Chinese prefer eating together than dining alone because they like to be in a noisy atmosphere and a lively crowd. If people dine alone, that means they do not have any friends or they are weird people.

Dining Alone

 ( A Relatively Taboo Activity )

For Chinese people, dining is an opportunity where they can meet their friends and family, and they can eat together for having fun. Moreover, an enjoyable meal for Chinese is not only dining heartily, but also making some new friends, building a relationship with each other, making some jokes while eating, drinking and singing some songs together.

Dining Together

 ( Enjoy A Noisy Atmosphere )

( Observation )



In Chinese restaurants, there are more round tables than rectangular tables. A round table can not only be allowed lots of people sitting almost face to face in a circle, but also let diners pay attention to the center of the table, so all of them can conveniently talk to each other. Also, when people sit around a round table, they will have a similar distance from dishes for sharing food effortlessly, especially for a large group of diners so that people can eat in a lively atmosphere easily.

In addition, when people speak “Circle” and “Reunion” in Chinese, the pronunciation is the same. They are both called “Yuan”. Therefore, for people who come from China, they prefer dining with

a round table because it symbolizes family reunion. People hope they can often eat together.

 ( Allow Lots of People to Sit )

 ( Easy to do A Conversation )

 ( Same Distance For Sharing Food )

 ( Round Table Means "Reunion" in China )


During these few years, more and more Chinese young people moving from their hometowns to

great cities because there are a lot of job opportunities, and they can earn more money. When they work in a big city, they have already lived without their hometowns, families, and friends. Therefore, they have to live alone, which includes dining alone.


 ( Finding More Job Opportunities )

Have to Dine Alone

 ( Living Alone )

In addition, a number of people have to work during a Chinese traditional festival because of occup-ational particularity. They cannot go back to their hometowns for a family reunion and have to eat alone during Chinese traditional festivals. Therefore, some Chinese restaurants change round tables

to rectangular tables so that it can be allowed for serving solo diners, and sharing with each other.

( Rectangular Tables For Serving Solo Diners )



More Chinese young people prefer eating in a restaurant than dining at home because they are unwilling to cook food by themselves, and some of them have no time for cooking. Moreover, there are a lot of singles would like to choose to dine alone outside because it is an opportunity to meet new friends. Besides, there is no tip in a restaurant in China, so most Chinese restaurants are cheaper than restaurants that are in America.

No Interest

 ( Unwilling to cook )

Busy Work

 ( No Time For Cooking )


Need to Improve Chinese Dining Alone Experiences? 

 ( Cause )

Chinese Thinking

Dining Culture Changing

 ( Still Are Affected by )

Some Chinese

Traditional Dining Culture

 ( Cause )

Chinese Migration

Dining Culture Changing


of People Don't Enjoy Dining Alone in China. 



Chinese people used to dine together. However, Chinese dining culture has been changed by Chinese migration. Some of them still do not enjoy eating alone, especially dining alone in a restaurant beca-

use not only they are affected by Chinese traditional dining culture which is eating together, but also when they see several groups of people who dine together around them, they will feel lonely and embarrassed. Also, some people live alone in a strange city, when they dine alone, they will easy to get homesick.


Moreover, the main problem is that Chinese restaurant owners do not care about solo diners. At the same time, they ignore to improve dining alone experiences completely, and satisfy solo diners’ needs to reduce their bad feelings that is embarrassment and loneliness. Therefore, China is the most important target market for my project.

Feel Embarrassed

 ( Care about other's vision )

Feel Lonely

 ( Bad Dining Experiences )

Get Homesick

 ( Live Alone in Other Cities )


WHAT IF there is a dining alone system in a Chinses restaurant that can offer solo diners, who do not enjoy but have to eat alone, a relaxed and comfortable dining alone environment.

THEN more solo diners will be reduced their embarrassment, loneliness, and homesickness.